According to the Pitch Madison Advertising Report 2020, ad spend on traditional media is expected to grow at a subdued rate of 5.1%. Despite the forecasted muted growth in 2020, I believe that OOH will only move in one direction – Forward.

Here’s why.

  1. It is common knowledge that Outdoor Advertising is here to stay. When brands want their target audience to notice an ad without being able to skip or block it, the best thing is to opt for the OOH route.

  1. In the OOH range, falls transit ads, hoarding ads, banner ads, Airport ads, and a lot more. Where else can advertisers find such a wide scope for maximum audience outreach?

  1. No doubt, when advertisers want to increase the brand’s reach in a new location, OOH advertising is the best option for them.

  1. According to numerous studies, 55% of people recall an OOH advertisement they saw last month. Now, if you want your brand presence to grow leaps and bounds, this staggering statistic will compel you to go outdoors with your brand.

  1. With the rise of programmatic DOOH in many locations across the world, advertisers now have the flexibility of using innovation in the way they promote their brands outdoors.

  1. Moreover, as programmatic OOH begins to analyse footfalls and ROI accurately, advertisers can be sure that their OOH campaign is being tracked in the right manner, eventually leading to increased ad spend in the OOH sector.

The point is, outdoor advertising is here to stay. It’s here to revolutionize and grow. It’s here to innovate itself and eventually, the advertising industry.

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