If you think advertising is an unnecessary expense, think again. Advertising is to your brand what oxygen is to your lungs. In a world that’s largely influenced by visibility, it’s successful advertising strategies that can work wonders for your product.  If you are wondering about the form of advertisement that will work best for you, it’s undoubtedly outdoor advertising. 

Here’s why spending on outdoor advertising is the best investment you’ll ever make for your brand.  

It’s as old as time

The use of outdoor advertisement dates back to the time when Pharaohs ruled Egypt and Roman emperors were busy invading the world! 

What started as a way to announce criminal punishments in Ancient Egypt and sports events in Ancient Rome, outdoor advertising has come a long way to metamorphose into digital billboards and hoardings that track footfalls. 

The point is, outdoor advertising is as old as time. And you know what they say about old things, right? The fact that outdoor advertising has survived, thrived and adapted itself for centuries is enough proof about its credibility. 

No wonder, spending on outdoor advertising is one of the most profitable investments for your business. 

It’s driven by innovation 

Outdoor advertising is always innovating itself to suit the needs and wants of clients as well as customers. From plaques to static hoardings to digital billboards, if there is one form of traditional media that has stayed relevant in the 21st century, it’s outdoor advertising. 

OOH vehicles are always transitioning to provide a remarkable experience to the target audience. For instance, outdoor advertising isn’t just limited to billboards and hoardings. 

With transit advertising on buses, trains and even cabs, or with unique outdoor advertising on tea cups and phone tablets inside cabs are some of the best examples to prove that innovation is the fuel that powers out-of-home media. 

Now, who wouldn’t want to invest in an advertising medium that delivers through innovation? If you are convinced about the benefits of outdoor advertising and wish to market your brand on an out-of-home vehicle, contact Global Advertisers Pvt. Ltd. at www.globaladvertisers.in, call Mr. Sanjeev Gupta at 9820082849, or mail us at info@globaladvertisers.in

It’s unskippable and unblockable 

Outdoor advertisements, unlike digital advertisements, cannot be skipped, blocked or fast-forwarded. Viewers cannot pay a subscription fee to escape the ads displayed in front of them. 

So, spending (rather, investing) on outdoor advertisements can reap many more benefits for your brand or product instead of spending on any other advertising medium. 

Put your brand’s ad on a huge hoarding, and everyone passing nearby will sit up and take notice. How amazing is that? 

If you are looking for prime locations and LED-lit hoardings to advertise your brand on, contact Global Advertisers Pvt. Ltd. at www.globaladvertisers.in, call Mr. Sanjeev Gupta at 9820082849, or mail us at info@globaladvertisers.in

It’s backed by jaw-dropping statistics

In a research study recently launched by OOH agencies Clear Channel UK, Porterscope and JCDecaux UK, it was revealed that the target audience responds 18% more to a digital ad of a product after they have seen an outdoor ad for the same. The same study further revealed that outdoor advertising results in 17% more brand recall for the target audience. 

Basically, the bottom line of the report was that dynamic and contextual digital OOH campaigns lead to an overall 16% sales uplift for the brand and the product! 

These statistics are truly jaw-dropping! If you are someone whose brand is new to the market, or someone who’s looking to rebrand their product/s, you know which advertising medium can give you the best ROI. 

So, there we are. Outdoor advertising is an investment you’ll be glad spending on. And if the above-mentioned reasons aren’t enough for you to consider adding outdoor advertising in your marketing mix, head over to www.globaladvertisers.in to be convinced. 

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