In the last decade or so, smartphones single-handedly disrupted every single traditional way of forming a connection between a brand and the target audience. With digital advertising making a mark in the marketing universe, digital ads carved an undisputed place for themselves in the minds of avid smartphone users – especially the millennials. Digital ads were as attractive as they come, but they failed to be effective in the long run. Part of the reason being the tendency of the millennials to ad-blocking and cord-cutting.

It is in such a scenario that OOH enters the picture and promises to be the most effective, visible, and reliable medium for brands to reach consumers. Here are some reasons why OOH should be every brand’s most trusted advertising format.

No one can ignore OOH advertisement

When it comes to digital ads, they can be ignored, skipped, fast-forwarded, closed, or blocked by any internet user. But no one can turn a blind eye to a large hoarding they pass by on the roads. No one can block OOH banners as they drive to work every day. On top of that, OOH hoardings are larger than your standard digital ads, so your target audience is sure to take notice of the brand time and again, increasing the brand’s recall value.

This is especially true if you opt for OOH advertising in a city like Mumbai to drive your brand value further. Mumbai is a city that never sleeps – couple the fact with the idea that Mumbai is ever-evolving, ever-growing, ever-expanding – so with the financial and commercial capital of India at the backdrop of your brand’s OOH campaign, establishing a strong brand presence around your target audience becomes easier than ever before.

In short, when you use OOH advertising to market your brand, you can be sure that your target audience sits up and takes notice of the brand.

OOH advertising is authentic advertising

There’s a big reason behind the relevance of OOH advertising in a world largely dominated by digitization. OOH, advertising is an authentic and evergreen form of advertising even today. Unlike digital ads, OOH advertisements are non-invasive, to-the-point, and simple – something that 90% millennials in the world prefer to see in an effective advertisement.

Many people today also prefer to trust real-world experiences. OOH, advertising provides just that – a promise of excellence from the brand in the real world. Not only do OOH advertisements loom large on the roads, buses and trains, but they also offer the assurance of being genuine and straightforward in a world where people find it hard to trust anything.

However, if an effective and authentic medium of advertisement isn’t strategically planned, it will fail to reach the target audience. In India, OOH advertisement is synonymous with Global Advertisers Private Limited. An organization with more than 24 years of presence in the advertising world, 500 premium OOH locations across Mumbai, innovative barter deals and rotational plans, and 2000 awards and recognitions in its lap – Global Advertisers Private Limited is your brand’s one-stop destination for outdoor advertising.

OOH advertising offers an escape from digital saturation

More than 30% of millennials in the world have shifted from the traditional television set to live video streaming services. This means a majority of people in the world today are watching more and more content on their laptops, computer screens and smartphones than ever before. So, it makes sense for brands to reach out to them through digital ads.

But, when internet users are overly peppered with digital ads, digital saturation sets in, attention span towards the ads drops, and a general feeling of mistrust sets in – now people do not know how to segregate authenticity from false promises.

OOH, advertisements provide a break from this saturation. Brands can now focus their marketing spends on outdoor advertising campaigns, bolster brand value through direct-to-customer engagement in local communities, and simultaneously garner an increased response from the target audience without letting the saturation set in.

OOH advertising is as reliable as it can get

Here’s the thing: OOH advertising is undoubtedly the most reliable medium brands can use to reach out to a target audience of any age, location or gender. OOH, advertising allows brands to use their authentic voice, focus their marketing strategy, and offer relief from digital saturation – it’s a clean break from the full throttle competition that the digital world throws at the brands.

 OOH advertising is the #1 effective form of advertising that helps brands reach their target audience at the right time and the right location in the right manner – how much of this can be said for digital advertising? To know more about special, customized OOH packages by Global Advertisers Private Limited, visit, call 9820082849 or mail us at

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