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Numerous studies have revealed that the brand preferences of train commuters are influenced in meaningful ways by platform advertising. To study the dynamics of train commuting and its affect on rail advertising, Global Advertisers launched a long-term insight program, Mumbai on the Move, which aims to uncover the mind and mood of Mumbai commuters that pass through stations on the Central, Western and Harbor lines. Sanjeev Gupta, MD Global Advertisers, said, "One exposure to a platform ad positively shifts brand preference in the time it takes to boil an egg. We wanted to explore how the captive nature of the rail platform environment increases commuter's connection to platform advertising. Over time, rail commuters engage more deeply with ads and begin to absorb more detail which makes it the perfect environment for long-copy executions. The positive shifts in brand preference were higher with increased dwell time, which further reinforces the key strength of platform advertising." Global has so far successfully increased brand awareness and strengthened the corporate image of several reputed companies including Reliance, Titan and Pepsi.