Indian airports, particularly Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport in Mumbai, are one of the busiest airports in the world. With a rise in the standard of living, Indian airports are witnessing increased passenger traffic in both domestic as well as international terminals. This is a blessing for brands who are seeking to drive consumer engagement in airports through OOH advertising.

And the trend of travellers gazing at an OOH hoarding for hours on end while waiting for their flights isn’t the only thing that’s bringing increased ROI to the brands. OOH advertising within the Indian airports has moved much, much further. Here’s a glimpse at how brands are raking in engagement and sales through OOH advertising within the walls of the Indian airports.

OOH advertisements benefit from enhanced airport infrastructure

As Indian airports set out to beautify themselves even more with modern, sleek infrastructure, OOH advertisements benefit in a direct manner. Improved architecture within the airports, innovative, luxurious airport spaces, and interactive internal facilities – all contribute to a better experience for passengers arriving at the airport or waiting at the airport for their flight.

Brands get to add a cherry to this cake through brilliant, visually-striking, interactive OOH advertisements – by being an extension of the luxury the airports offer to the passengers, brands can drive consumer engagement and sales through the roof!

With millions of people observing OOH billboards, hoardings and banners within the airport every single day, brands can also use enhanced airport infrastructure to increase brand recall and ensure more-than-enough ROI generation.

DOOH is set to level up the advertising game within the airports

DOOH is an outdoor advertising trend that has single-handedly piqued brands’ interest in OOH investments. When DOOH advertisements are placed inside the airport environment, consumer interaction with the brands tend to increase manifold. This is because at the airports, potential customers really have time on their hands to take in all that OOH advertisements have to offer, as they wait for their check-in or at the lounge for their flight.

Spacious Indian airports also offer brands to really explore various creative avenues to drive customer engagement with innovative ideas. The domestic and international airports in Mumbai, for instance, offer a plethora of opportunities to the brands for creatively using the OOH space within the walls to their benefit.

Plus, Mumbai is the financial and commercial hub of the country, so the Mumbai airport terminals act as the first point of contact for passengers arriving into the city from around the world. This gives brands the edge while trying to be noticed by millions of people every day at the airport.

Airport spaces allow brands to be bold in their OOH campaigns

As mentioned earlier, spaces within the airports are sleek, modern, contemporary and innovative. So, if brands choose to be bold and experimental anywhere with their OOH campaigns, the best place to start with are the Indian airports.

For instance, brands can engage airport passengers by creating their OOH campaigns with the aim of enthralling the passengers’ sensory instincts. Brands advertising at the airports through OOH can captivate their target audience through touch, smell, or even taste. It’s all up to how creative the brands are willing to go.

However, the most creative OOH campaigns can fail if they are not placed with keeping strategy and visibility in mind. If you are looking for strategic, accessible and visible locations within the Indian airports, especially the domestic as well as international airports in Mumbai, then look no further than Global Advertisers Private Limited, which provide unrivalled Airport Advertising Services, and cover almost 75% of OOH spaces in the Indian airports.

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