Bus Media

Bus Media Advertising is one of the most powerful outdoor advertising media in Mumbai. Global Advertisers Pvt. Ltd. help you to deliver messages right across the lengths and breadths of the city as you can cover the maximum number of onlookers by opting for bus shelter advertising. Another biggest highlight of bus media advertising platform is that you can get maximum coverage both in the day and night. This way, those who miss the ads during the daytime as they are busy working in the office can definitely get to see what you are trying to deliver while returning from home. For Bus Media, tailor-made solutions are made available as per the budget. Benefits Help to cover every part of the city by using vibrant displays 1. Extends custom-made services to grab point-of-purchase destinations 2. Highly Impressive and Sophisticated exposure 3. Maximum Brand Awareness for quick recall through catchy Graphics, Colours, and Prints 4. Reasonably priced Bus Media services, as and when needed 5. Bus stop advertising gives extensive coverage all throughout the day.