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Sanjeev Gupta

Sanjeev Gupta

MD & Founder is well renowned name in the OOH business world. He is very popular amongst his team for simplicity, devotion, and dedication in outdoor service industry. His unique approach towards business tactics reflects his extraordinary skills. His Understanding of business and Compatibility with the clients shows his excellence and determination for his work. He is empowered by high intellect, strong vision and works in alignment with the higher purpose of being an innovator & the driving force of change. Under his efficient and effective leadership, the company grows by leaps and bounds. In an industry first, Sanjeev created dedicated cells comprising media planners, marketers and operations personnel that cater to specific market segments like finance, entertainment and films corporate, IPOs and retailing. This helps Global's clients get the best value for their money, superlative service and the fastest turnaround time in the industry. Sanjeev brings to the table 17 years in the OOH marketing and advertising industry as an entrepreneur and innovator.

Amit Gupta

Joint Director Amit's responsibilities include tapping new businesses and handling the operations arm of Global Advertisers. He is extremely prevalent among his group for straightforwardness, commitment, and devotion in outside administration industry. Amit's wide operating experience and strong strategic capabilities have helped him execute various outdoor campaigns to the satisfaction of Global's clients. His Understanding of business and Compatibility with the customers demonstrates his brilliance and assurance for his work. He is enabled by high judgment, solid vision and works in arrangement with the higher motivation behind being a trend-setter and the main impetus of progress. Amit earned his MBA in marketing and international business from the US before joining Global.

Amit Gupta
Vicky Gupta

Vicky Gupta

Joint Director Vicky joined Global Advertisers in 2003, and though he holds a bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering from MIT, Pune, he has handled positions of increasing responsibility within Global Advertisers, which has allowed him gain an overview of the broad spectrum of company law and accounts. Under his productive and viable authority, the organization develops significantly. In an industry initially, he made devoted cells involving media organizers, advertisers and operations faculty that oblige particular market portions like fund, excitement and movies corporate, IPOs and retailing. This enables Global's customers to get the best an incentive for their cash, superlative administration and the quickest turnaround time in the business. Vicky has contributed substantially to the company's growth by framing and implementing innovative business strategies that have powered the Global success story.

Why Global Advertisers ?

These days, many companies prefer to display their products on billboards as a lot of people views it while going to their office or while coming home. Global Advertisers established in 1996 is an outdoor media agency. When you need an advertising platform, that offers cost-effective and long lasting services, you should think of Global Advertisers. Global Advertisers offers high quality billboards that are spread across 150 locations in Mumbai. Over the last two decades, we have worked hard and sincerely. Since our inception, we have grown enormously and are recognized as a prime service provider in this operation mode.

  • To provide maximum mileage within the given budget.
  • To offer the best quality, service, strategy, sites and solutions.
  • Deliver anything and everything under OOH with a sense of competitive urgency.
  • To become the India's No.1 OOH Agency.
  • To be known as the Titan of Outdoor Advertising Industry.
  • To provide solutions that can simplify the difficulty of outdoor advertising.

Global established Karunanjali to provide education to children living in the slums of Mumbai, and went on to offer grants to orphanages and creation of homes for economically weaker sections of society. Global Advertisers has been on the forefront of several public health initiatives including AIDS awareness drives, blood donation campaigns, anti-terrorism initiatives

Other Business Ventures

Team Member

  • Neeti Gupta

    Neeti Gupta

    SR. Marketing Manager

  • Mukesh Molankar

    Mukesh Molankar

    Media Co-ordinator

  • Kiran Dedhia

    Kiran Dedhia

    VP (Marketing & Sales )

  • Harry Budharup

    Harry Budharup

    Marketing Manager

  • Jinal Shah

    Jinal Shah

    Marketing Manager

  • Madhavi Pathak

    Madhavi Pathak

    Marketing Manager

  • Chandni Goradia

    Chandni Goradia

    Marketing Manager

  • Nirav Chheda

    Nirav Chheda

    Media Planner